Item No. ADXC025400



An ADXC is a compact type of soft starter, 45mm wide and easy to use, for three phase squirrel-cage induction motors; soft starts and soft stops rated motor load currents up to 45A. It is based on a current limiting starting methodology to limit the maximum starting current.

ADXC reduces the mechanical stress on motor shafts, gearboxes and drive belts. Ramp up, ramp down and initial voltage time settings can be independently adjusted by built-in potentiometers.
Main features are:

  •  For three phase induction motors up to 22kW / 25HP at 400VAC and 37kW / 40HP at 600VAC
  • Maximum input voltage: 400VAC 50/60Hz for ADXC… 400…; 600VAC 50/60Hz for ADXC…600…
  • Built-in bypass relay
  •  Wrong phase sequence and over temperature protection
  • Alarm for wrong phase sequence; line voltage and/or frequency out of limits (over and undervoltage); overcurrent, over temperature, irregular ramp up and current flow during bypass; motor voltage unbalance
  •  Simple setup and installation
  • 2 relay outputs for alarms (NC) and bypass closing (NO) for ADXC…600 R2 – 35mm DIN rail mounting (IEC/EN 60715)
  • Ideal for hydraulic lifts, conveyor belts, compressors, pumps, hoisting devices, blowers, fans, mixers.


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