Item No. ADXL0030600



Soft Starter with integrated by-pass relay.  Auxiliary supply 100…240VAC. Rated operational voltage 208…6600VAC, 30A.
The ADXL soft starter series is equipped with a backlit LCD display with icons and NFC connectivity, for a simple configuration, possible also via smartphones and tablets.
ADXL soft starters are ideal for simple “plug and play” applications, thanks to the installation AUTO SET wizard, and for high-performance applications, with control and protection during the motor start-up and operation.

The two-phase control during the start and stop of the motor allows a reduction of the heat dissipation. After the start-up is completed, the soft starter closes the internal bypass contacts and reduces energy consumption.

ADXL built-in functions allow to protect the connected motor and the starter; it’s capable of monitoring the motor thermal status, to manage the thermal protection, and its internal temperature, in order to protect the thyristors from over-heating. Furthermore, a motor over-heating protection can be enabled through an external PTC temperature sensor.


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