We build, repair and expertise on motors & rewind

Using state of the art technology, our fully qualified team can expertly rewind electric motors. We know that fully functioning motors are the lifeline of your business, so we endeavour to carry out all rewinding work carefully but efficiently. We have rewound electric motors for clients across many varying industries including the drinks sector, the food sector, the manufacturing sector and the chemical sector. If necessary, we can provide a complete overhaul service, as well as having the ability to provide brand new units.

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We specialize in repairing and supply of the pumps – Industrial, Commercial or Domestic. We use state of the art technology and a fully qualified team to handle your problems. We handle every problem in isolation and reach it as it is needed. We follow different guidelines depending on the industry and use.

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We expertise in the repair and supply of

Alternator Stators

DC & Slip Ring Motors

Voltage Regulators

AC Motors

Fixed Platform Generators